VENT Raises $100,000 in Pre-Seed Funding to Launch an Inclusive Cardano-Based IDO Launchpad

Vent Finance
3 min readApr 21, 2021


Pre-Seed Investment Partners for Ventup by VentFinance
  • An IDO Launchpad for game-changers, powered by Cardano
  • $100.000 successful pre-seed funding round
  • A promising roadmap to foster inclusive innovation in the crypto space
  • A seamless and secure experience that reflects the true value of projects

Vent Finance is proud to announce that they have successfully raised $100.000 in a pre-seed round backed by Spark Digital Capital, Blocksync Ventures, and Dots Capital. An oversubscribed round reflects the high demand for cutting-edge DeFi solutions in the market, especially those developed with the promising Cardano Ecosystem in mind.

“We are very grateful for all the parties involved in the pre-seed funding round and who have shown interest in our project.”

The Roadmap to Foster Inclusive Innovation

On a mission to create a simple way to decentralize funding through community-driven technology, the team at Vent Finance hopes to reset the world’s expectations of what a decentralized launchpad is and help evolve the reputation and maturity of the DeFi and crypto ecosystem as a whole. Combining simplicity, security, and transparency, the team will bring back a human aspect to the process.

“It’s about getting the basics right: great support, clear communication and handy community features; things we’ve now come to expect in any digital product.”

These are just some of the first steps the team are taking in their journey to improve the current offering of other protocols in the market. For them, being decentralized should unlock possibilities, not restrict who has access or the ability to take part in them.

With the product and tech teams preparing their Ethereum based MVP, the founders are actively preparing their second round of funding to accelerate their development and ecosystem growth. They expect to hold their public token sale in Q2 2021.

Unlocking the True Value of Projects

Aiming to empower innovative projects to raise funds and find the support they need, VENT is tackling a complex process, full of loosely connected interactions.

“By implementing a human-centric approach, we can provide a better user experience across the board.”

The platform will show community indicators for popularity, rankings based on guidelines & AI analysis, and proven indicators for success. This will help investors get a true picture of what projects are offering and ultimately help them get in control of their investments.

Project Update

Throughout the month of May, we will see a fresh new brand for Vent and the overarching ecosystem at Vent Finance. New website, unified and consistent communication channels, documentation, and product updates… These are exciting times for Vent and you will see a lot more from them.

As the founding team grows their advisory board and onboards members to their technology and leadership team, the company is actively searching for new partnerships and opportunities to work with the best technology and people across the globe. Their diverse international team truly embodies this statement.

“If our vision sounds exciting or any of these ideas resonate with you, please send us a message. We look forward to speaking with you!”

About VENT

VENT is empowering startups and investors with technology that supports sustainable growth. We work to make decentralized funding simple and accessible as we believe in financial inclusion and an economy where innovation can benefit society as a whole.

Combining simplicity, security, and transparency, we are determined to reset the world’s expectations of what a decentralized launchpad is and help evolve the reputation and maturity of the DeFi space and crypto ecosystem.



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