HyperCycle: Where AI, Blockchain and DeFi Meets.

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3 min readMay 4, 2023


There’s an AI for everything nowadays. But there isn’t a blockchain for all things AI — until HyperCycle. The original layer zero blockchain, Hypercycle is a fully interoperable base blockchain for connecting L1, L2, sidechains and AI protocols. Here’s more on HyperCycle, the latest project launching on VENT.

A base blockchain for interconnecting AI model

The next level of Artificial intelligence is decentralized interoperability. Some sort of seamless interconnectedness among multiple independent AI models–and HyperCycle is at the center of it all. Today’s AI landscape is clearly centralized. A few actors wield control of greater amount of AI agents in circulation. Such centralized growth is a far cry from the ideals of the internet when it first started.

HyperCycle is solving one of the five biggest blockchain challenges by building a base blockchain for connecting multiple blockchains and AI models. Tapping into the rave around AI-powered technology, HyperCycle is looking to unlock a powerful multi-model collaboration within the centibillion-dollar industry. This revolutionary solution is fast, cheap, secure, and super scalable.

As a quality-only DeFi platform, VENT recognizes the potential for exponential growth around AI with the introduction of HyperCycle’s decentralized mechanism.

TCP/IP for Web3

Parallel to the internet protocol and openly built for multi-blockchain communication, the HyperCycle Layer0++ is the true definition of a layer zero blockchain. Hypercycle runs on its own virtual machine, has a multilayer build, and boasts modular smart contract features making it the most advanced decentralized network architecture currently available.

Hyercycle is powered by Cardano’s EUTxO model, Singularity.NET’s Proof of Reputation System and TODA/IP, a low-cost fully scalable communication-layer protocol independent of miners, servers, cloud services, or other third-party network maintenance infrastructure.

A Token to rule them all

The Hypercycle ecosystem will be governed by the HYPC token, launching on VENT come May 6th. HYPC token holders can monetize their computing power, collaborate in AI computations and integrate their own AI system into the AGI network. HYPC is also built for other decentralized finance features like staking, reward earning, voting and transaction fee payment.

As the AI market continues to inch beyond the $200 billion market cap, the next level of value will be unlocked through collaboration of AI models. To do this in a decentralized way, AI will need to leverage a solid blockchain technology. HyperCycle is building this future with its Layer0++ technology, and its HYPC token launch on VENT is an unlocking step.

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