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Vent Finance
Ventup is a community-based launchpad that turns ideas into successful growth journeys.

Pre-Seed Investment Partners for Ventup by VentFinance
  • $100.000 successful pre-seed funding round
  • A promising roadmap to foster inclusive innovation in the crypto space
  • A seamless and secure experience that reflects the true value of projects

$VENT Public Token Sales and Prices

SHO — DAO Maker (Completed)

Fundraised: $168,000
Price: $0.028
Lock-up: 50% on TGE, 50% after 90 days (3 months).

IEO — (Upcoming):

Fundraise: $36,000
Price: $0.028
Lock-up: 50% on TGE, 50% after 90 days (3 months).

IDO — VentUp (Upcoming):

Fundraise: $168,000
Price: $0.028 …


All whitelisted users who have successfully passed their KYC verification through Synaps will receive an email confirming their status for IDO participation and the wallet they need to connect to be able to invest in the $VENT pool.

Calling all Ventorians!

We are currently recruiting for the Vent Elite Squad, an Ambassador Program for the most passionate members of our community and the crypto space. We need you to help us to form a network of investigators, committed to spreading the word, creating content, and unearthing out the best upcoming platforms and projects.

DAO Maker, Metrix Capital, Vendetta Capital, and other major blockchain investors are now a part of Vent’s Ecosystem.


  • Vent Finance’s Private Round is now fully closed and was a great success for the company, being oversubscribed by 5x.
  • $1M+ was raised from the private round for some of the most prominent blockchain backers in the industry.

Private Round funding is a massive achievement for Vent Finance

With the private sale now concluded, the team at Vent Finance is delighted to share with our community that it was an unequivocal success. Surging interest from strategic backers led to over $1.15M raised and oversubscription by 5x.

MELD and VENT are co-leading the development of ADAmatic, a pioneer ecosystem project that will connect the prominent Cardano blockchain with the Ethereum scaling L2, Polygon chain.

MELD and VENT sign strategic partnership, Cardano Blockchain, Banking, DeFi, Fintech


MELD thinks it’s essential for everyone to gain control…

Updated Timeline — Important Announcement

The Community Launchpad Ecosystem


  • VENT is a community-centric Launchpad Ecosystem for blockchain investments on Polygon and Cardano.
  • They focus on a hands-on approach to making informed blockchain investments and engaging with project creators to better assess blockchain projects.
  • The Vent Ecosystem enables a simple way to manage all things DeFi: Leveraging the power of DeFi to build a simple and comprehensive investment package covering project launch to assets trading.

Some surprising facts about new blockchain investments

  • There are currently over 1,600 failed crypto projects, which have sunk investors’ money and initial buoyant aspirations.
  • Cryptocurrency frauds have soared 1000% since October 2020, the most recent being the Bondly Finance and Thorchain exploits.

Vent Finance

Simple way to manage all things DeFi for new projects.

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